Quilt Label Ideas

My guild’s charity group is looking for a simple way to make and have labels on hand for the members. With labels on hand, they are likely to be sewn on and the quilt donated! I’d like to “automate” the process some, making it less an ordeal to be sure all charity quilts are labeled. Here are some of my options, and their resulting costs. I thought it was interesting research, and wanted to share!

*A Custom Stamp-I’ve seen other groups use a custom stamp, made for the guild, which says exactly what is needed. The graphics would need to be created (and approved. blah), then passed on to the Etsy seller who then makes the stamp. This option seems like a one time cost, but it really isn’t. Each year, the guild would need to buy one (or more) fabric stamp pads to make the labels once the stamp is bought. In the long run, this may be one of the more expensive options! Custom stamp-$35-40 dollars. Stamp pads-15-30 dollars.

*Printing-The guild could use fabric prepared for the printer, and simply print a page of small labels. The graphic would need to be created (and approved) then put as many to a page as would fit. The cost incurred would be the printable fabric, plus printer ink. The cost would be recurring, and it would also fall to me to forward the design to the next chair. Printable fabric-$15 for 5 sheets. Printer Ink-$20 for a full color set, or less for just black ink.

*Embroidered Labels-I hesitate to think of one person having to embroider all the labels for the group, as we’re talking at least a hundred labels. But having it done is an option, albeit a bad one. The cost for this would be an astronomical amount of someone’s time, although it would simply be a matter of a bit of normal fabric and thread in dollars. Cost-not enough time in the world.

*Buying labels-Etsy sellers are good! They already realize you need labels for your business. These are printed on a small tag you can sew into the binding. I love the way these look, but the graphic would need to be created, and then passed to the next chair. Etsy cost-$20 for 200 labels.

*Spoonflower-Spoonflower is a site that makes custom fabric. You create an awesome graphic, and then upload your graphic to the site. The site has tools to help you get a repeat, and then you can order a yard of whatever fabric you create. For labels, this is a cool idea, because you can make a small label, and get plenty of them from one yard. For a 2 by 3 inch label, you can get roughly 240 of these for one yard. The site stores your graphic, so it doesn’t need to be passed from chair to chair, and it’s a quality image, as well. Spoonflower fabric-one yard is $18, which is roughly 240 labels.

I know which one I’m leaning towards! What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Quilt Label Ideas

    • Thank you for sharing what’s working for your guild! I wondered what other guilds were doing to solve this problem. I think Spoonflower is a good option because they are just so professional looking! Thanks again!


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