Why Quilt?

Ever wonder why you pick up one hobby and not another?


My parents are industrious people. I learned to sew at a young age, but I also learned to do yard work and change tires as a teenager! Sewing stuck, and gardening and mechanics did not.


Today as I sew binding, I’m grappling with the idea of why I quilt. I’ve always enjoyed sewing and scraps. I’ve always loved patchwork pieces. I’ve always loved design and colors, patterns and puzzles. Math is mostly fun for me, and an exciting challenge. (I’m a bit of a nerd!) I enjoy making something from discarded fabrics, or using the last of things! I enjoy teaching others, and that ah-ha moment that comes when a young reader or new quilters “gets it”. I’ve always enjoyed making something personal and handmade for others! I think I may have found a few answers!

Why do you quilt or love quilts?


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