You Should Finished Those UFO’s

Do you have a stack of un-finished objects (ufo’s)?


I did! I’m happy to report that they are mostly done! Ta done!!!

We’re homeschoolers with college age children at home as well. When school starts in the fall I will be as busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest! But once we finish testing in the spring, then we have a week of off days and fun, life settles down into summer routine.

This particular summer has been warm. When I say warm, I mean HOT! As in, “Lord a’ marcy, it is warm out heah!” Only that warm, humid, heat for us down south, right? So, when you step out of your house, it feels like a sauna, hair goes curly, and it feels like opening the oven door! Makeup melts instantly! I don’t like to go out in it, so I stay home and quilt!


Having a bit of time off, hot days, and plenty of unfinished projects was the perfect storm for me this summer! I’ve completed three quilts already, with four more ready for binding!! I’m still going strong and hope to clean out the UFO closet!

Your turn! What are you working on this summer? Is it time to finish things in your quilt studio too?


2 thoughts on “You Should Finished Those UFO’s

  1. I, too, am whittling down the pile of unquilted tops. I have one large quilt that needs borders, two baby quilts for charity and two table runners yet to do. However, I keep finding more appealing new projects to work on!


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