Organic Quilting

“Organic” seems to be a hot button word and topic lately. From baby clothing to vegetables, organic is the new “fresh” and “natural”!


While I don’t usually jump on bandwagons (because the driver forgets to steer), this is one trend in which I can easily participate! Several of my favorite fabrics are coordinating organic cottons. Manufacturers also make solid colors, thread, and batting in organic cotton. I’m looking forward to sewing my first “organic” quilt!

Is this a trend you would want to emulate??


2 thoughts on “Organic Quilting

  1. Your quilt is going to be so fresh and striking! I have many scraps in my stash – most of which I suspect are not organic. I am sure they have been sprayed with chemicals either as the cotton grew or else after the fibers were woven and dyed. So, alas, I can’t really “afford” to ditch all those non-organic scraps to quilt with only organic quilting cottons.


    • I can’t really afford to ditch all my good quality fabric for new organics, either. I’m keeping the small pile of organic fabric, thread, and batting separate from the rest of the stash! It is an experiment in the shop, though, to see if an organic quilt is worth more, even though the time input is the same as other baby quilts! =}


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