Making Vanilla Extract

Now is the time to start your homemade vanilla extract!


It’s mid-year. The back to school aisles are full of supplies, and the lists are posted for what’s needed in a few short weeks. Once school starts, the Christmas holiday will be right around the corner! Making your own vanilla takes a while, in fact, four or five months is the best amount of time to leave it sitting and “brewing” so to speak!

Start with a pretty container. Mine is from Tar-jay (Target). Fill your container with medium grade vodka. (Clean with the really inexpensive stuff, and only buy mid grade for vanilla!) Leave about an inch of room between the top of your vodka and the bottom of the lid to your container. Slice your vanilla beans down the center, then add them to your vanilla bottle. I used four for my size container, but a larger bottle would require a few more. I found my vanilla beans at World Market, however Amazon sells them, and other grocery stores do too!

Remember to shake the bottle now and then! I placed mine on the counter near my sink, as this helps me remember to shake the contents! In a few short months, you will have vanilla extract when holiday baking is upon us=}


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