Front Door Painting

This has been the sad state of my front door for at least three years.


When we bought the house we loved the structure, the interior light (aka sunshine!), and the pretty architectural details. The colors, much like the front door, were not our style, to say the least. But the rooms are just the right size with good quality construction and lovely details. When the opportunity arose this week to spruce up the front door, I jumped!


We’d been debating on a door color for a while. Not only was there not time to actually do the painting, I had not chosen a whole house color scheme yet, and so anything we chose felt out of place. Over the weekend, I took time to make choices about our color goals, to update and refresh our home. One of those was a front door decision. After all, the door only needed two coats and a few hours to dry. I decided that if I strongly disliked the outcome, I could go choose a new color easily and get it repainted! What they say is true, it really is just paint.

Once the decision was made, the time commitment was minimal. We chose a color we already had on hand, so monetarily, we didn’t invest much into the project either! While I see other areas that could use a bit of paint soon, I’m happy with the outcome!


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