A New Kitchen Gadget

One gadget to rule them all….

Well, not really. I replaced several gadgets with one Instant Pot last week. Amazon has a special day in July called “prime day” and man, the deals are great! I have been looking at this instant pot, an electric pressure cooker, for almost a year. I was scared of the thing at first, but the more I looked at cooking times and functions, the more I realized this would make my life easier. That coincided with prime day deals, and voila!


We had our “maiden voyage” last night first with boiling water, and then a tested recipe from the web. I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a meal that tasted as good with as little effort! I loved my crock pot, but often the food came out mushy and overcooked. Also, there is a fair amount of babysitting and prep-work needed for a crock pot. Not so with my new gadget. I’m excited to see what else can be made in this new toy! Not every meal with be an Instant Pot meal, because it cannot make fried chicken! However, the instant pot will save me a ton of time on busy weeknights this fall. I’ve printed a recipe for chicken n’ dumplins already! Yum!


5 thoughts on “A New Kitchen Gadget

    • Haha! Well, I learned to boil water, then make rice, then simple things like baked chicken and beef stew. Everything I put into this appliance is cooked perfectly. No more, no less than exactly done! There’s a learning curve, so it takes time to learn the new recipes, but it’s fun!


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