Choosing a Color Scheme

As I’ve recently stated, we love our house. The colors of our house, well, not so much. Fortunately, paint is easy and cheap! Until now, I’ve been hesitant about color and choosing which colors will go where in this home. We’ve made some outlandish color choices in the past houses, and I didn’t want to repeat that here. I’ll be honest, I was a little intimidated by the idea of choosing a color scheme for each room. What I needed was a plan. (I can almost hear my sweet, planning mom saying that very thing!) I spent some time researching what a “whole home” color scheme might look like, and then adapted it to my own needs. I thought I might share the process, in case you are looking to choose a color scheme for your whole house, too!


*Choose a black and white. I love simple black and white, so my choices were very close to pure white and basic black. Maybe you prefer a more cream and a darkish grey, but the basic idea is the same. You need those two colors in your life, somehow! Things that don’t belong in color, perhaps an ironwork piece or curtains or lamps will need your chosen shades of black and white!

*Choose a neutral. I did not have a choice about this one. My neutral is my carpet color, which I can’t change right now. Not only is our current carpet serviceable, the expense of changing flooring is huge! Working with what you have is certainly a better option than hating it. My neutral is a sand color, and everything needed to match that one shade.

*Consider a second neutral. I chose a gray color, which works well with almost anything, for areas that do not need to be my main colors. The beauty of painting things gray, sand, or white is that I won’t need to change the wall color to change the feel of the room! Those colors work with many other colors to form a cohesive design plan!

*Choose your favorite color. Chances are, there are muted or shades of your favorite color in the paint store! This was easy for me. I love teal-y blue. In fact, I did quite a bit of research on Pinterest to find my exact favorite shade of blue. Some of them can be a little too bright and garish for wall color, so I wanted something muted and subtle. I think Watery is perfect in every way!

*Choose accent colors. I took my Watery and chose a darker color on the same paint swatch, and then looked for a green to compliment. None of my walls will ever be painted those two concentrated hues, but I’ve found some gorgeous accessories (and spraypaint!) in those two accent colors!


That’s the process! Isn’t choosing color fun? I’m no longer intimidated to choose a paint plan for each room, and even bought a few gallons over the weekend for our first project! I hope you feel empowered to make your own color choices!


2 thoughts on “Choosing a Color Scheme

  1. Or, you could do what Dad and I did. We started with a couple of gray samples for the outside of the house. Then we mixed and painted on the back of the house till he got the shade I really liked: a nice gray that wasn’t a blue grey or a yellow gray, but a true grey! I love what he came up with!

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