Redecorate for Free and Cheap

New wall decor. Whole house color schemes. A few gallons of new paint. Home decor can really add up! As we’re in the midst of some refreshing, I’m excited to say that many of the most rewarding tasks involved are free or mostly free! Here are a few things we can do to make our homes lovely without all the fuss and dollars spent!

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*Declutter. I don’t have to tell you that America has a problem with clutter. It lurks and stays where we don’t even see it anymore. One of the main differences in model, show,  magazine homes and my house is the amount of things on the floor in particular. Between tripping and fire hazards, I should know better! Work out some storage solutions if the item needs to be a permanent part of life, and find it a new home if not! Kitchen cabinets, corners, and even my fabric stash all need a good declutter now and then to look their best.

*Clean. Once you’re done decluttering a room, give it a good once over with the suds. Dust just never sleeps at our house! This step is free but it honestly has the most impact. In my ongoing front door project, the most effective step was to clean and clear away cobwebs and dirt from the outside of the door.

*Move around your wall art. I find this one of my favorite secrets to keeping my home looking fresh and updated. I don’t leave an art piece in the same place for years and years. My wall space becomes a moving display! Picture frames and artwork that no longer suit the bedroom get moved to the office or dining room. When I begin to think artwork looks flat and stale, I rotate around!

*Use what you have. Do you have picture frames? Print a new saying or hymn lyrics and refresh your space that way. Do you have some pretty jars or vases? Find wildflowers or dollar store flags to fill them. Sew a small wall quilt to fill a space on your walls or table. Sew a runner out of fabric you already have.

*Take or find and print some lovely pictures. We all have that one photo of our kids that is candid (or nearly) that we love to pieces. The time to display that photo is now, so print a large copy and find a frame. The dollar store has picture frames, so money isn’t an excuse on that one!

*When in doubt, spraypaint. A can of paint is a minimal expense. I use those paint cans continually to renew something that doesn’t match the new colors I chose, or just plain looks dated. Spray paint is a thrift shop junkie’s best friend. If you can visualize metal or plastic in a different color, then it takes pennies to redecorate the tablescape, mantel, or bathroom sink storage.

*Check your local thrift shop or yard sales. You wouldn’t believe the treasures I’ve found that needed nothing or a simple coat of paint. Recently, I came home with a three dollar shallow bookshelf. It needs a coat of white paint, but then it will be perfect for a mug collection, or fat quarters! We’ll see which one!

*Repurpose. When it comes to furniture, I’m often thinking of how to repurpose. Can a bookshelf become office storage? Can my old tv armoire become book storage? Or perhaps it can become a pantry or linen closet? I likely have all the necessary paint in my garage to give the armoire a coat of primer, white, and haint blue interior!




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