Five Tips to Save Money on Laundry

Laundry. It doesn’t sleep, and multiplies like rabbits. Smelly rabbits! We all need to do our fair share of laundry, so I’ve found five ways to make it less expensive!

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1.Wash on cold.


When you wash on cold, you are prolonging the life of your clothing, and also using less energy to heat the water. Be sure to use a detergent that will dissolve easily in cold water!

2. Hang dry.

Hanging your lightweight items to dry will save you a bundle on energy costs! The clothes dryer is one of the most costly appliances in our homes! Bonus points that hanging your clothes makes them last longer!


3. Dry in the morning or evening of hot days.

If you must use your dryer, try using it during cooler hours of the day. Dryer heat plus air conditioning strain is not a good combination. Don’t make your AC compensate for the clothes dryer, using twice as much energy as running the dryer at off peak hours.

4. Take the time to remove stains.

Removing stains isn’t on my top ten favorite chores list. However, a completely clean piece of clothing saves me from having to replace the item or do without. Tackle those stains to save yourself money on replacing damaged items.

5. Make your own laundry soap.

Use my recipe for laundry soap, or find one that works well for you and your washer. Homemade powder costs me about 5 dollars per six month supply!

I hope these tips save you some money on the laundry routine, but also in the long run with your clothing maintenance!


This post is linked to Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth!


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