Frugal Friday

Every so often, I post tips about being frugal. Controlling spending for the household often falls to me, the homemaker in our family. Here are a few tips we put into action this week!


1. Stay home. If I stay home, I’m not spending money! As an added bonus, staying home means I’m able to accomplish chores that need to be done at home!

2.Pantry assessment. This week, my pantry and fridge were in quite a state of disarray!  It took me the better part of an afternoon to get a good handle on what was in the fridge, freezer, cabinet, and pantry, but the effort is so worth the time! I was able to put together 12 full dinner meals out of what we already have on hand! My grocery needs for the upcoming week are minimal!

3.Finishing projects. I have projects, either sewing or otherwise, which require no additional materials. These wait until I have time to accomplish the task! As a quilter, I love using the very last of things, so this idea of using what I have on hand appeals to me on so many levels!

4.Fix little things. We have little household projects that await our time as well. There are a few curtains to be hung. (Dropcloth curtains to be exact, which are the most fun to make.) There are light bulbs to be changed, and little things to adjust or turn a screwdriver and make tighter. Those little details matter!

5.Sell something. We have a few school books to sell from last year. There is always a task or two for my Etsy shop. In this week of staying at home, I’m finding things that we no longer need but that someone might enjoy and will bring in an income rather than drain the bank account!

6. Make do. Currently, we need book storage. It’s just a fact for us! Recently I found a little shelf at a yard sale for three dollars. I had plans to paint it, but Mr. Wonderful suggested we bring it in. It meets the need, and it was already in the garage!

7.Plan for Christmas! This is the perfect time to look at budgets and plans for Christmas. If you’re making gifts, it’s already that time again! Several years ago, I did a series called “Sewing for the Holidays”.  What a great place to start when trying to decide what to make for the upcoming holiday season! While this tip is not helpful for this month’s budget, you’ll reap great rewards in a few months, kind of like putting money into savings!

8.Hang dry. Hanging clothing in 85-90 degree weather just makes sense. They dry quickly, and the house isn’t heated up and then paid to cool!

9. Clean. Cleaning makes a home look better without spending a dime on decor! When we take the time to clean and declutter, our homes begin to look polished and “together”. I even found a few things to repurpose into wall art or useful decor!

10. Play a game. Often the least expensive activities are the ones that bring our family together. We eat dinner together many times, but we play games and joke around, too. Connecting is often about being intentional, not necessarily about how much we spend!


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