Bookshelf Swapping


I’ll be honest, I’ve had bookshelf envy. I’ve wanted this bookshelf from my husband’s side of the office for a few months, ever since I realized it would make the perfect place for my “office”. All of the items pictured here lived on my desk, the same place where my computer and sewing machine reside. It was getting a little crowded around here! At first the space cramp didn’t bother me, but when I began quilting larger quilts there was no room for the requisite pushing and fluffing involved.

This shelf is a perfect fit for the space and the stuff needing to be stored. In turn, I gave him a large bookshelf that previously held fabric. We are working on a few new projects for storage, so we’ll see what’s next!

How do you arrange your office necessities? Do you have any suggestions about good ways to either store books or re-purpose a bookshelf?


2 thoughts on “Bookshelf Swapping

  1. I have a couple of bookshelves for quilting books and magazines. No problem there. What I really need is a desk with drawers to hold office supplies and stationery. And I wish my kitchen had a nook for a desk, but it does not.


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