Kitchen Cleaning Tips

With a large family, our kitchen needs cleaning every time I turn around! I love having a group of young people in our home, so it’s a happy occurrence that they are eating well, and making messes that require some input from mom. Some days, my older children need a hug and a ‘have a nice day’, but they also need a clean, well ordered kitchen! I find a few minutes during the day to clean my kitchen, and this is my method!


When something is on the stove or in the oven that does not require direct supervision, I will often empty and/or fill my dishwasher. That done, I fill my sink with a few inches of very warm water, two microfiber clothes, and a squirt of blue Dawn dish soap. I don’t know why, but the blue one works best for everything! You would be surprised at all the things that dish soap cleans, so this is my go-to wash water.

I clean the inside of my fridge and freezer with the dish water while it’s warm. That helps stuck dirt become unstuck. (Ew!) I clean my counter-tops and windows, outsides of appliances, the microwave, and even the small appliances down with a simple solution of almost hot water and dish soap. With a lunch or dinner dish in the oven, I can usually finish this task in about 20 minutes, and the added benefit that I didn’t spend any “extra” time in the kitchen to get it clean. Now, to wipe it all down and clean it again tomorrow, right?



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