Upcycling a Tee

Every so often, I get a wild hair and want to sew clothing!


Sewing a tee from square one didn’t sound nearly as fun as tearing up one to add embellishment to another, so that’s what I did! I bought one tee that fit. And then I bought the second tee in the matching color to cut apart for ruffles! My total cost was $10! For perspective, these tees are often much more expensive than that!

I’d been looking at these kinds of refashions for a while, trying to figure out what I might want and how to do them. (I have yet to find a good set of directions on the web.) My first epiphany was realizing that it was two tee shirts, both exactly the same color. If you buy them at the same time, they’ll match! I’m learning to work with the knit fabric to make it take the shapes I would like. For now, that shape is ruffled, but I may be looking at other shapes!

If you’re interested in clothing refashion, maybe you want to keep a small bag of pretty trims or bits of projects? That piece of knit lace or camisole top could be handy, as could the knit from tees that fit oddly. If something is neutral colored and pretty, it’s often fair game to go into my remake bag!



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