Etsy Product Packaging

Recently, my eyes were opened to the need for some nice packaging for my lovely Etsy shop! I sell the sweetest baby quilts, so making a pretty package has always been a priority. However, I didn't realize how much time and energy I was wasting by not having a system. Time I could spend making … Continue reading Etsy Product Packaging


Applique Blocks of the Month

Several months ago, I wrote to you all about a Block of the Month I was considering. I'm glad I joined this particular one. This is Sarah Fielke's Simple Folk Block of the Month for 2018. I'm woefully behind, but I'm setting goals to get back up to date. I like the way this large … Continue reading Applique Blocks of the Month


My family and I recently went on vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia.On a rainy day we went to the Jamestown settlement area, and went through the (mostly indoor) museum there. We really love a good museum! In most cases, if you take your homeschool paperwork, there is a discount. You're probably wondering what in the world … Continue reading Inspiration

Marriage 101-The Power of Words

Michael Dudash called He Shall Hear My Voice Many years ago, I overheard two women speaking very negatively about their husbands. The immediate response was to think negatively about the husbands, but the longer lasting affect was my opinion of these two ladies. Unfortunately, my distrust for the two women who spoke so ill of … Continue reading Marriage 101-The Power of Words