Spring Cleaning 2018

Spring has (kinda) sprung here in the Northern Hemisphere. I say it hesitantly, because we had a snow day in late March, and it's not particularly warm as we begin April here! Winter isn't really making way for spring, so I'm making do and cleaning anyway! This year, along with my normal list of items … Continue reading Spring Cleaning 2018


Blog Housekeeping

Often we need a trim to our hair, or a touch up to our makeup or skin care routines. Perhaps our physical spaces need a little decluttering or the fridge needs a cleanout. So, too, does the blog need a little refreshing now and then to keep it neat, orderly, and pretty! Several things have … Continue reading Blog Housekeeping

Frugal Cleaning Cloths

About two years ago, I bought some honest to goodness cleaning cloths from the Home Depot. (My awesome uncle calls this place simply, THE De-Poh, long o. I love it!) I mess them up properly, wash them, and they are far less expensive than disposables. We use these cleaning clothes for everything. You can clean glass and … Continue reading Frugal Cleaning Cloths