Cleaning Systems

When we talk about cleaning our homes, we often refer to "systems", meaning habits that we put in place that keep our homes clean almost automatically. These are daily habits that keep our homes running smoothly, even when life is busy! Here are a few of my home "systems", gleaned from the many, many homemaking … Continue reading Cleaning Systems


Kitchen Cleaning Tips

With a large family, our kitchen needs cleaning every time I turn around! I love having a group of young people in our home, so it's a happy occurrence that they are eating well, and making messes that require some input from mom. Some days, my older children need a hug and a 'have a … Continue reading Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Frugal Friday-A Thrifty Attitude

"A thrifty housewife is better than a great income. A good wife and health are a man’s best wealth." ~ Charles Spurgeon Imagine that? Charles Spurgeon placed great value on a thrifty housewife! Let's think of ways we can be that thrifty housewife and be a blessing to our husbands! It all starts with attitude. … Continue reading Frugal Friday-A Thrifty Attitude

Frugal Cleaning Cloths

About two years ago, I bought some honest to goodness cleaning cloths from the Home Depot. (My awesome uncle calls this place simply, THE De-Poh, long o. I love it!) I mess them up properly, wash them, and they are far less expensive than disposables. We use these cleaning clothes for everything. You can clean glass and … Continue reading Frugal Cleaning Cloths