Simple Sewn Gifts-Pillowcases

This idea of sewing simple things for others seems to resonate with y'all! I'm glad, because as I focus on less large quilts this year, and more small projects, I want to make sure many of the sewn items are for gifting! While I won't be able to show you all the lovely proceeds from … Continue reading Simple Sewn Gifts-Pillowcases


A Jeans Merge

Hi! Have you ever been on the hunt for a clothing item and it is just not available that year or season? That happened to me this week. I want a long jean skirt, and couldn't find the style I'm wanting. My mind jumped to the donation pile in my closet, where a pair of … Continue reading A Jeans Merge

Frugal Cleaning Cloths

About two years ago, I bought some honest to goodness cleaning cloths from the Home Depot. (My awesome uncle calls this place simply, THE De-Poh, long o. I love it!) I mess them up properly, wash them, and they are far less expensive than disposables. We use these cleaning clothes for everything. You can clean glass and … Continue reading Frugal Cleaning Cloths