Thrifty Mindset

Thriftiness doesn't always come to mind when we think that we "need" (which means want) an item. However, by stepping away from that circumstance and deciding rationally (without stimuli) what we will and won't purchase, we're building habits of thriftiness. For each item I just have to have, I can often ask a series of … Continue reading Thrifty Mindset


Retail Woes

I went looking for a specific pair of shoes recently. I needed something specific, a particular brand and style. I valiantly tried to find them in person to try on for size. Add to the unavailability of the shoes, the rudeness of the sales personnel, and I won't be shopping at Belk again! I went … Continue reading Retail Woes

Frugal Friday-A Thrifty Attitude

"A thrifty housewife is better than a great income. A good wife and health are a man’s best wealth." ~ Charles Spurgeon Imagine that? Charles Spurgeon placed great value on a thrifty housewife! Let's think of ways we can be that thrifty housewife and be a blessing to our husbands! It all starts with attitude. … Continue reading Frugal Friday-A Thrifty Attitude