Sewing an Apron

Recently, Jenny of Elephantz made the cutest apron. She challenged a group of ladies to make one last week! As it happens, I need a new apron, and I had both pattern and fabric. This is Emmeline Apron pattern by "Its Sew Emma". I know the pattern is still floating around, and now it's available … Continue reading Sewing an Apron


Sweet Hearts

A notion came into my head to make a few hearts as a bowl filler. And you know what? It was fun! I enjoyed every minute of making these cute little hearts from fabric scraps. And when something is fun, it can be difficult to stop. I made around 20 little fabric hearts! Then I … Continue reading Sweet Hearts

Frugal Cleaning Cloths

About two years ago, I bought some honest to goodness cleaning cloths from the Home Depot. (My awesome uncle calls this place simply, THE De-Poh, long o. I love it!) I mess them up properly, wash them, and they are far less expensive than disposables. We use these cleaning clothes for everything. You can clean glass and … Continue reading Frugal Cleaning Cloths