Lectures and Workshops

Modern Quilting Lecture

What is this ‘modern quilting’? I begin with a brief history of the modern movement, then give a list and explanation of characteristics of modern quilts, and finally move to a trunk show to display those characteristics visually!


Please contact me for pricing if your guild is in the Washington DC metro area!



Please visit my Etsy shop. Any item marked PDF is a digital pattern. I would love to teach your guild any of these patterns and techniques! I taught quilting for years at my last duty station, and we’re homeschoolers. I love the “AH-HA!” moments!

Note: By paying a nominal fee, you’ll cover the gas and tolls to get to your area. This fee includes printed copies of the pattern, instruction time, and some fun sew time! Please contact me for pricing if you are within a day’s drive of Washington DC metro area!