Crochet Edge Pillowcases

My grandmother taught me to crochet. Sort of. I wasn't a very good student when I was a young lady, prone to wiggling around and wanting to be outside. However, her lessons must have sunk in at some point, because my crochet is coming along nicely. A recent project called for adding a lacey crochet … Continue reading Crochet Edge Pillowcases


Thrifty Mindset

Thriftiness doesn't always come to mind when we think that we "need" (which means want) an item. However, by stepping away from that circumstance and deciding rationally (without stimuli) what we will and won't purchase, we're building habits of thriftiness. For each item I just have to have, I can often ask a series of … Continue reading Thrifty Mindset


My family and I recently went on vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia.On a rainy day we went to the Jamestown settlement area, and went through the (mostly indoor) museum there. We really love a good museum! In most cases, if you take your homeschool paperwork, there is a discount. You're probably wondering what in the world … Continue reading Inspiration

Marriage 101-The Power of Words

Michael Dudash called He Shall Hear My Voice Many years ago, I overheard two women speaking very negatively about their husbands. The immediate response was to think negatively about the husbands, but the longer lasting affect was my opinion of these two ladies. Unfortunately, my distrust for the two women who spoke so ill of … Continue reading Marriage 101-The Power of Words