Great News-Short Deadline

As some of you know, my house has been on the market for about three months. Last weekend, a buyer showed up at the door, and within a day, put in an offer. The only catch? The buyer wants closing to happen in just under two weeks! Wow! First of all, I had no idea that it takes so short a time to buy a house these days. Second, I had no idea how much stuff I still needed to pack! Now we’re scrambling to find a place of our own in our target area, working to get paperwork complete for that, and packing up our things, all while making sure the necessary work gets finished on the current house!

I took a last visit to my LQS, Loving Stitches, today, just for some moments of calm. Have you heard of this Row by Row Quilt shop hop? Loving Stitches has their own row pattern, along with a neat fabric license plate! I plan on visiting some of the quilt shops in my new town, so that I’ll have some from both places! It should be a fun quilt!

I’m going to fall behind on Aby’s mystery quilt, The Slant Six Mystery. Are you sewing along? This is my first mystery, and I’m pretty excited about it. I know where the directions are, but I’m not looking at them just yet. I want to keep it a true mystery, and not look until I’m able to get caught up!

I may be quiet for the next few weeks as I make this move a reality with my family! I wish you all fun summer vacations or staycations!
Happy Quilting!

Project LIfe-QOV Edition


I like this Project Life thing. It’s new to me, although I hear it’s been around a few years. I think it brings scrapbooking down to a manageable level. In fact, I’m pretty inspired by the whole idea! I may not blog much about them, as this is a quilt blog, but I plan on starting to gather pictures and documentation on the Quilts of Valor I made and awarded. When we (several lovely groups of ladies and I) took to giving out QOV’s at Fort Bragg, we worked with the WTB, Warrior Transition Battalion, on base to find Wounded Warriors. There are lots of other ways to find recipients for a Quilt of Valor, but this was the first line we ran down to make it happen on a large scale at Bragg. We had a standing “date” to come in once a month and award QOV’s, and it worked out well! Except I didn’t keep good records. I don’t have the names of soldiers who received the quilts, or much about them at all. I also don’t have a record of who made each QOV. I recorded the first 50 or so, and then life became a flurry of sewing, gathering quilts, meeting the need, and then doing it all again the next month! I have some good pictures of the soldiers, though. And I know which quilts I made. SO there’s a place to start documenting, and to be more careful next time I give a QOV! I’ll take better pictures and record more about the people involved!

For the record, I have a long list of recipients still to award a QOV, from the current wars. We’re still “in the system” as it were with our connections, and we know personally some pretty amazing heroes. My list is long, and my sewing time is short! Trying to document the ones given out thus far has inspired me to make more QOV’s, and to continue the mission. I hope you’re sewing a QOV this summer! If we each make one, and cover ONE soldier, they will all get a QOV and feel that honor and thanks we try so hard to convey!

PS-take good pictures of the whole process! =}

Notebook/Sketchbook/Gratitude Journal

In my last post, I showed you a picture of my various notebooks. Here’s what they’re used for:

1. The first one is a scratch paper pad I keep in my purse for inevitable moments when quilt inspiration (or some other nonsense) strikes. It frequently gets raided for sketches to go in the next notebook.

2. The second is a sketchbook/quilty journal of WIP (works in progress) and blog ideas. It’s a lined page book, so it doesn’t work well for drawing quilt patterns! But…’s pretty and it’s about 3/4 the way full.

3. The third is a simple Moleskine notebook with grid paper. I recommend this type to anyone who does any kind of artwork, as those grids make my life so very much easier. This notebook is almost at max capacity, as I backfilled and drew in margins, etc.

4. The fourth is my gratitude journal. I recommend this type of notebook to anyone, too! It’s an awesome record of the good things in life! Also very helpful if you scrapbook!

If you’ll notice, there’s a redundancy. I have two sketchbooks. The goal is to merge these two items, therefore making my sketching life less complex. As they are both almost full, I’m trying to “land the plane” now with both of them so I can move on to a new book! The goal is to work towards a set of notebooks that will look homogenous on the shelf! I will probably continue to keep three separate notebooks, each for different purposes, but, hey, it works!

If you’re a quilter, I highly recommend keeping a sketchbook of sorts that will give you inspiration for years after you’ve drawn in it! If you’re not a quilter, you might consider a gratitude journal, keeping a list of sorts of the things for which you’re thankful. I didn’t like doing a gratitude journal in prose, so I decided to make mine little artlike snippets of words here and there on the page. For heaven’s sakes, it’s my notebook, and I have permission to make the words into pretty art! Don’t let the conventional “notebook” or “sketchbook” idea keep you from writing down or drawing what you like or think onto a page! For you visual folks, check out this link on famous artists’ Moleskines.

Happy Journalling!


The Great Notebook Reorg.

This blog is a journal of sorts-a journal of quilts already made and being enjoyed!

My paper notebooks and journals are other things,

depending on what notebook they are and where they’re kept in the house!

I currently have six sets of journals in my possession,

some of which haven’t been opened yet.

It’s quite the mess, as each of these spans several years, and I can never find my pen, etc.

In the coming weeks, I plan on making some sense out of these snippets!

I have a few new projects coming as a result.

I hope you’ll join in for a 

“notebook reorganization”

and some

“notebook hacks”!

Here’s where I’m starting tonight!


How do you keep track of ideas and thoughts?

Do you use a travel journal?

Leave a comment and share your notebook/journal ideas!

Washing Everything!

Mr. Wonderful bought us a new washer and dryer last week!


They’re the “industry’s largest”, and man do they have a ton of space in them!

Funny thing is, they sparked a “wash everything in the house” spree!

I washed my favorite quilt this afternoon on delicate cycle,

and have laid it out to dry on the porch,

under fans and on top of a sheet to make doubly sure it won’t get dirty!


How do you wash your quilts?

Stuck on Settings

So, if you’ve been following my blog long, you’ll realize I’m just enchanted by lovely sampler quilts lately. I’ve made others, like this one, and this one. Both of those are set the same way, on point from Victory Quilts. I absolutely love the way they both came out, so I’m tempted, oh so tempted, to make 5 more patriotic blocks, set them on point this way, and call it a day! But what I want is to make these blocks into a wall hanging for several reasons. First, because those blocks were so hard, hubby has forbidden me to give them away this time. {I’ve made upwards of 50 QOV’s, so he’s used to my “make it and give it away” pattern! Hahaha!} Second, I’m not allowing this quilt to be dragged around, either, for the same reason! Third, I’d prefer this quilt not go on a bed, also because of wear and tear, and the amount of white in it! Forth, I want a display wall in my next place for seasonal quilts. I don’t know how large that will be, but I’m excited about the holidays I could display and celebrate!

Well, then, I’m stuck for a setting! I’ve been pinning, drawing, and googling for the better part of three days, and I’ve got nothing. Or rather, I have plenty of options, and can’t seem to decide on one! Here are the eight blocks so far. I’m still debating on whether to make more, edit these and use fewer than this, or what! I guess it requires more thought!





Setting Ideas from Quiltcon 2013

There are plenty of awesome ideas out there on setting quilt blocks traditionally. There are even some great tutorials and ideas for putting said blocks on point. BUT, while I’m considering setting options for my blocks and thinking of non-traditional designs, there was only one place I knew to look-in my own Quiltcon picture files.

The quilt blocks were donated by members of the Modern Quilt Guild for a raffle quilt, the leftover blocks were made into quilts by various chapters of the MQG, and these resulting quilts were given to the Austen, Texas children’s shelter. But in the mean time, it was like a second quilt show at Quiltcon 2013! Here are some of my favorites, but not all of them, by far! What do you think of some of these very non-traditional settings?










Sampler Blocks Seven and Eight

Are you tired of seeing sampler blocks yet?

I’m not tired of making them!

Block Seven is from Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 9.

It’s called the Puzzle Star.


Block Eight is from Rachel Griffith’s Pinwheel Sampler.

It’s called a Flying Pinwheel.


I love the randomness of my selections,

and I’m liking how each block turns out!

Hopefully that means I’ll love the final quilt!

Patriotic Lone Starburst

It’s been a super busy week for me. Between measuring and installing and delivering AND standardized testing, I haven’t had much time to sew. This block, called the Lone Starburst by Anna (aka Six White Horses), wasn’t as challenging as it looks. It just took me a while because of my time constraints! It sure is a stunner, though. I’m undecided about which block is my favorite, but this one is a wow. It sure will add something special to the patriotic sampler!


On another note, I’m looking for interesting ways to set these 12 inch blocks, since it is, after all, a modern quilt! I have a few good ideas from Quiltcon. And, honestly, I could set the blocks very traditionally and still love them!

I’ll keep you updated on new blocks to add and what settings I’m considering!