UFO Question

One of my blogging friends, Aby, asked an interesting question on her blog recently. Her blog post suggested leaving a Un-Finished Object (UFO) for future generations to finish and have quilts from you! She asked which quilt you might leave for the future.

I’m struggling to figure out what type of UFO I could leave for my children or grandchildren to finish! I have plenty of things that aren’t finished right now. The machine I use to quilt is not set up, and hasn’t been for some time. I’ve continued to piece tops, though, in an effort to stay active. I have at least ten tops that now need to be quilted, a daunting task! To be fair, many of them are baby sized, and can be quilted in an afternoon. I know those things need to be quilted and find new homes, and technically, they are UFO’s. I wouldn’t want to leave any of them for future generations, though. I think there are some good reasons why I don’t collect UFO’s or orphan blocks.

1. Quilt what you love. I made a commitment to not work on things that didn’t fire me up! There are so very many awesome patterns out there, and there is only so much time to make them. I only spend my sewing time on things I really want to try!

2. Make new things in small amounts. When I try a new pattern, I make it small enough for baby, wall hanging, or pillow size. That allows me to finish the project quickly and move on if I didn’t love the technique or color choices.

3. Give it away! So many times, someone in my family loves a piece I’m working on. If it doesn’t find a place in my house, it can be given away to someone who will love it!

4. Donate. When I try something new, I often work in fabrics and colors that will work for a baby quilt for the NICU, or in patriotic colors for a Quilt of Valor. From the beginning, I’m purposing to have fun and make something, but to give it to a good cause when it’s finished. Yes, there have been one or two things that were kept that maybe were originally donation quilts, but it’s very rare. I especially do this to test a new pattern! There’s a certain freedom in knowing it doesn’t have to match the living room!

5. Sell your wares. Set up a booth at a craft fair, an Etsy shop, or just get the word out to friends and family. When something is for sale, you put effort into the details, and many times you do your best work! Commission work is fun because it stretches you to meet someone’s needs and wants!

6. Make a show quilt. If your work turns out well, consider putting it into a show. They are fun to go to and visit if they have a good variety of styles and colors! Consider making that block you didn’t love into a medallion quilt!

It’s a good idea, saving something unfinished for your children and grands. Do you have UFO’s? Do they give you “quilt guilt” or do you want to save them for future quilters?


A huge thank you to all of you who answered my questions concerning baby quilt batting! I’m still deliberating which one I’ll choose, but I’m seriously considering the organic cotton. That or something not mentioned, a thicker flannel. It’s a commissioned quilt, so I’ll keep you updated! =}

Batting Question

I have a quick batting question for my gurus out there in the blogosphere!

What batting would you use if you were making a baby quilt

for someone who needed it very warm?

It would need to be washable, so most wool is out.

And it should be low loft so that it has the right look!

All suggestions welcome!

Thank you!

The Rainbow Tree

I promised you a few posts back that I’d update you on that rainbow tree. Here it is, mostly together, or really as together as it can get until my large machine is on a table. I used a product called Florioni Applikay Wonder, and it truly is that. This will be raw edge applique, so I needed something to stick the pieces down well enough to hold. I’m not convinced I’d do raw edge for something that sees heavy duty, but this particular tree should be used lightly, hung on the wall or put on a pillow. Of course, with all the little people in my house, a pillow doesn’t always mean light duty! =}


Swoon Wins Out!

I made a decision on my Hunky Dory quilt. It’ll be a Swoon quilt. I’m rather excited to start this new project, even though there are something like ten tops that need finishing in my queue……oh well! Time to get busy arranging fabric!


Hunky Dory Project Beginnings


I’ve decided to cut into one of my collections, Hunky Dory. As I was researching last night, I found that it’s fairly old, for a fabric collection, 2011. So…three years later, I’m cutting into it for the first time! I’ve found a lovely grey to match {Kona Ash to be exact}. Now all I’m lacking is….a pattern.

I’ve considered modern crosses, like this quilt. I like the look of them, but would I get tired of them, because this quilt is going to be huge?

I’ve considered Dresden plates, like this one, also made out of Hunky Dory. Only it would also be bigger. Much bigger.

And then there’s the wild card, something like a Modified Bento Box, or a Herringbone design, or even a Swoon quilt.

Leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite idea! I’ll make some choices this weekend, so I can get my pattern ordered or (gasp) find it amongst my things. Thanks in advance for your input! =}


The Creative Process

This morning I started off with an idea, some scraps, and a bit of background fabric. The thought was to create a small block, that will be the beginnings of a larger work. I wound up with not one but two separate blocks. It’s interesting to see how I got from point A to point B. I started with this concept art, just a rough jumble of scraps in the right colors to work out what goes {sort of} where.


From that I measured and made an adjustment to my plan, as both of these two things together didn’t work for my size parameters. Besides, the tree is WAY bigger than the house, and that didn’t work in my brain! =}


I separated the tree and the house, then gave the house a tree that matches it better. But I couldn’t get that rainbow tree out of my head. So, I went back and played with it more. Here’s what I have so far. This was just a few minutes of sewing in between our very busy lives today, so I want to encourage you to find a minute or two here and there and make something! I’m still debating on the tree trunk, purple wood-grain or a grey bark. We shall see!!


Thanks for going on this “creative journey” with me! I’ll keep you updated as far as what these become!





Cell Phones and Guild Meetings

I’ve had an interesting experience with cell phones lately! Y’all know I just moved, so my previous guild always asks that you use your phone to “check in” at the meetings. That way, the guild gets some advertising on your facebook page, right? Therefore encouraging more people to come to guild meetings!

My new traditional guild asks at the beginning of each meeting that we silence our phones. Most of the attendees didn’t even use the camera on their phones during meeting, and not a single beep or ring was heard. It was…….well……strange!

The Modern Quilt Guild I attend is a multimedia event! It’s “Let me show you a picture of the finished quilt,” or “Here’s how to get to that page.” It’s not just phones, but tablets and computers as well! As a true techno-user, I heart this kind of open use of technology as a tool.

I get that there are times and places it’s not appropriate, but I wonder how many guilds are doing themselves a disservice by limiting the use during meetings, or simply be ignoring the awesome possibilities at their fingertips!

What are your thoughts? Do you think cell phones are annoying during meetings, or do we need to embrace the tech?

Time to Sew

I’m sure by now, all my readership is well aware that Robin Williams has passed. Between his sudden death and my reading material right now, I’m reminded that life is so very short. I’m also reminded of how important it is to get a little time doing things you enjoy-for our mental health. For me, that means time with family and friends. But it also means a little time here and there to sew. I’ll confess. I still have plenty of boxes that need unpacking. I still haven’t found my silly sugar bowl! That work has its place in my day, but I’m glad there’s also time to sew. Once all the move things are finalized, school is in session, and life begins to slow down, I’ll plan a bit more sewing time. For now, short sewing sessions are enough!

Do somethin’ you enjoy today, ok?