Craft Fair-Quilting Style

Life’s been busy lately. All that doesn’t make for good blog reading, so I’ll spare you! However, I have cool news! I’ll be participating in a Craft Fair next month! I’ll send out an “advertisement” of sorts when the date is closer. For those of you considering selling quilts and sewn things at a fair in your own town, here’s a list of my initial impressions.

1. I have more inventory than I thought.

2. I don’t need as many display pieces as I first imagined.

3. There are lots of moving parts to consider. Bags, display, inventory.

4. Start earlier than I did. I’d like to begin stocking earlier in the year next year!

5. Take more than you plan to sell. You can always restock at the Fair, but preparing more than you need to fill the table will keep you from feeling nervous about an empty table!!!

6. Set up a table early. I learned so much about set up and my inventory needs when I did a mock up of my table. Turns out, there is less space on a six foot table than I thought!

I hope this helps you if you’re considering a Craft Fair!!!!

Ruffled Aprons {Day Twelve}


This is {Day Twelve} of the series, Sewing for the Holidays. The link will take you to Day One, which has links to all the other fun gifts we’ve discussed thus far!

Today’s gift idea is the apron.

This particular apron is a ruffled half apron, pretty easy to sew up. There are plenty of other styles of apron “out there” and tons of good tutorials on Pinterest for different styles. Don’t worry if your recipient already has an apron. She could probably use another one of a different style! I think I have five, maybe six aprons!

This is the last day of our Sewing with the Holidays series, for now. Life has intervened for me, and I need to put time into a few other things. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and been inspired to make something for your friends and family this Christmas season!

PS-These aprons are also for sale in my Etsy shop.

Pincushions {Day Eleven}


This is {Day Eleven} in the series of Sewing for the Holidays. Click the link to follow along from the beginning!

The gift suggestion for today is pincushions.

These are easily made with the improv method of piecing, or you can make a large quilt square very tiny. It would be perfect as part of a sewing basket gift!


I was given a gift of several pincushions a few years back, and it made my day as a sewer! So maybe this would be a good gift for quilting friends! OR, maybe you could make up a small one that would fit into a jar? These really make up fast and are super cute! Be sure to include some cute pins, too! =}



Mini Quilts {Day Ten}


Welcome to {Day Ten} of the series, Sewing for the Holidays! If you’d like to check out the previous days, click on the link. You’ll be able to start from the beginning and follow the links to each individual post!


{Day Ten}’s gift suggestion is the mini quilt.

{Y’all knew I’d find away to get more quilts into these posts!}


Different than a full size quilt, a mini is a super fast gift idea.


A few of the mini quilts I’m showing you today have very tiny pieces. That’s fun, but you can also make a mini with just one quilt block. The low volume Dresden plate, for example at the top of the post is a single, simple block set in the center of a mini quilt. Don’t feel like it has to have a gazillion teeny tiny pieces to be called a mini!




As you can see, I make a lot of tiny quilts!


One year, I made all the women on my gift list a similar mini quilt. This allowed me to do each task assembly line. For example, I was able to do all my cutting at once. It made really quick work of these Christmas Dresden Plates! Be sure to add a small sleeve on the back so it can be hung on the wall!

Happy Christmas Crafting!

Ruffled Tea Towels {Day Nine}


Today is the ninth day of Christmas!

No, really it’s {Day Nine} of our Sewing for the Holidays series.

As you may have guessed, we’re talking tea towels today!


I had some of these lovely, commercial grade tea towels on hand, new and still in their packaging! The first thing that came to mind when I decided to make tea towels were these pretty retro prints in the back of my stash, and the yet unused English Paper Pieced star flowers. As you can see, I branched out from there! Christmas colors, some favorite colors, and a few hours later, I had a set going!



I heart this last one, it has just a little of my favorite fabric ever!


Tea towels are a pretty hot item right now. There are all sorts of embroidered ones out there, applique, ruffled, printed, etc. These are just my take on the trend! A couple of these tucked into an antique (blue) Ball jar, and you’d have an awesome Christmas, bridal shower, or birthday gift!

Just a note: If you love these towels, and don’t have time to sew them up, these five (and probably more styles forthcoming) are for sale in my Etsy shop.

Happy Christmas Crafting!

The Fabric Flower {Day Eight}


If you’re just joining in the fun, today is {Day Eight} in our series of Sewing for the Holidays. Click the link to take you to {Day one} and our master list of sewn gift ideas!

Today’s quick and easy sewing craft is the fabric flower. These are so simple to make up, not even requiring a sewing machine. Check out the tutorial for these little beauties!

Think of the possibilities of these flowers! They could be made up in many colors or just one color. They could be made up by the dozen for a fabric flower bouquet. Imagine using a florist box for a dozen or so and sending it to a friend. For Christmas, we’ll be using these as gift wrap bows. My immediate family is all about the easy but reusable gift wrap option. We’ll cover some more awesome wrapping options later in this series, but for now, I hope you’ll try your hand at some flower bows!

Happy Christmas Crafting!

Pillowcases {Day Seven}


{Day Seven}’s gift idea here on the blog about Sewing for the Holidays is the pillowcase.

While you’re welcome to go and view my tutorial, on the tabs at the left of the blog, the best way to make a pillowcase has already been covered by someone else. There’s a youtube video called “The Sausage Roll Pillowcase“. I use that method exclusively when I make pillowcases for Quilts of Valor. My dimensions used are 3/4 a yard for the body, 1/4 a yard for the cuff, and 2.5 inch by width of fabric (wof) for the accent strip. I just happen to like round numbers, though! Pictured above is one of several Christmas pillowcases I’ve made for my own family. They don’t all match, and they are soooo much fun to bring out in late November, if I can wait that long!

A pillowcase can be a gift for any occasion. For the little ones, I’ve made cases out of their favorite characters, or let them choose the fabrics out of my stash if it wasn’t a surprise. For new brides, consider making these with a monogram, some decorative stitching, or embroidery of some sort. Even if you don’t have a machine that does those things, an embroidery shop charges so very little to make it happen! Consider, too, that these pillowcases can be used as gift wrap. You’d only need to make a few, tie with pretty ribbon, and you’d have reusable gift wrap for years!

Let me know if you decide to sew up pillowcases using the link!

Happy Christmas Crafting!

Sewing for the Holidays {Day Six}


This is day six of Sewing for the Holidays here on the blog.

Today’s gift suggestion is the teapot cozy.

This particular tea cozy was made by my mom, Susie! She gave it to me as a birthday gift, so it’s birthday colored! She did an awesome job, and I use it often! My mom sewed this one up when she was snowed in one day. She downloaded the pattern, pulled out what she had on hand, and whipped up this cute gift!

A tea cozy is a quick gift, provided you have some fabric and batting in your stash. Also, keep your scrap binding for projects like the ones we’ve been showing. It’ll make fast work out of them! If you’re at a loss for a pattern, especially because of the round top of the tea cozy, check Etsy. My mom used the ever popular Retro Mama pattern! The beauty of this particular pattern is that it teaches you how to make binding, if this is your first quilting project.

Happy Christmas Crafting!

Sewing for the Holidays {Day Five}


This is the fifth post in our series about Sewing for the Holidays!

Day five is all about the quilts!


Seeing as how this is a quilting blog, you knew I’d include a quilt or two, right? Well, you didn’t hear this from me, but you still have time to make a lap quilt before Christmas. Now, don’t go choosing a Baltimore album style quilt. Keep it simple, sweetie. This particular quilt is from Aby’s pattern, Simple Pinwheels. {And I heart it lots!} You have time, although you’ll have to be diligent, to make up this simple but striking pattern before Christmas arrives!

Happy Christmas Crafting! =}

Sewing for the Holidays {Day Four}


Today’s addition to our Sewing for the Holidays series is the handmade ornament! These little tree ornaments were especially fun to whip up, and fast, too! Using the very tiniest of colored scraps, they are also an awesome scrap buster!


 Years ago, when Mr. Wonderful and I were first married, many people gave us things for our new home. We were also super thrifty and found our first artificial tree at a yard sale for 5 bucks! Being very young, and very broke, we had no ornaments. We handmade a set, using glass balls and acrylic paint. We even decorated only the front of the tree to make it look full! Only one of those glass painted ornaments have made it, but I’m always busy making new ornaments (even though we have plenty now)!

Next time you’re headed to a wedding shower, think about giving Christmas ornaments or other handmade decorations! They’ll definitely come in handy for a young couple!

There are many, many tiny quilt designs you could use for your handmade ornaments. Anything smaller than 3 1/2 inches would be perfect! I improv pieced the trees, but nine patches, little string blocks, or virtually anything you can envision can become what is a essentially a teeny tiny quilt! In the picture above, a house block snuck in there!


Happy Christmas Crafting! =}