Linen Care

I love a good white sheet set. I’ve been known, much to the chagrin of my very manly husband, to buy white sheets with a six inch band of lace at the top and around the pillowcase edges. One of these days, hubby and I will have a free weekend to build a beautiful clothes line like this one.


Today I would like to share a method with you that I found floating around Pinterest.

Skip the bleach. Skip the hottest settings, unless there has been sickness. Use this method for the softest sheets! Line drying sheets makes them smell so very wonderful, but when that isn’t possible, for time or weather’s sake, try the Perma-press! It works a charm!

1 1/2 cups cheap white vinegar
1 tablespoon detergent
Warm wash
Warm rinse
Extra rinse
Perma-press dry

For those who prefer less commercial chemicals in their wash day, try my homemade laundry powder. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the way your sheets, even those lace or embroidered ones, come clean!


A Day Spent in the Kitchen

205c67f86bea66354e31b4f4ea86207dMy day didn’t involve sewing.

I planned to sew today, to get in a few stitches before the end of a busy week. Often my sewing time lands on Thursday or Friday afternoons, once the week’s accomplishments are done. It truly is motivating earlier in the week when doing “less-than-fun” chores to think of getting a little time to sew in a day or two.

The Lord had other plans for me today. Last night our dishwasher was leaking, and we realized we couldn’t use it until it’s had a good once over. In a large household, that means by the time I had a few minutes to wash, there were three sink fulls! My sewing time went right down the drain with the murky water…..

Doing dishes has a funny way of centering me, though. As I washed, dried, and repeated, my thoughts turned to how thankful I am to still have people around to eat off those dishes. I scrubbed a bowl used to bake an anniversary cake for me and my high-school sweetheart. I washed out coffee cups from our afternoon “teatime”, at which we drink coffee. =} I washed and rinsed plate after plate of dinners eaten by my sweet kiddoes! If there were such a thing as being thankful for a broken dishwasher, I am today!


Stitch Fix for My Size!

I’m so, so excited!!!!

Have any of you ever heard of Stitch Fix? It’s this nifty site/service that does the shopping for you at your price range, sends you a box of new clothing pieces at your determined frequency, and then you keep what you like and send back the rest. So very many modesty blogs are raving about Stitch Fix, and I’ve had my eye on it for a while. I was hoping one of two things would happen. I was hoping either Stitch Fix would start carrying my size, or that my size would shrink to fit their offerings! (A little of both has happened!)

If you’re a larger size woman, and this all sounds even the least bit interesting to you, head over to this page, and sign up for updates in the service! After watching everyone else enjoy the Stitch Fix party, I’m looking forward to having the opportunity!

Modest Skirts


I’ve found myself in need of a few modest skirts for fall. Being a thrifty lady, I’ve been waiting for a good sale. This week, I found exactly what I needed, all for the price of one skirt in a specialty store!!! I went to Deborah and Co., and found many things in their sale section. In the end, I wound up with three skirts and a belt, for less than 60 dollars. Please hurry, I’m sure this sale will only last until the inventory is gone!

Wood Maintenance


Real wood. It’s some sort of sign of being a grown up, I think. Suddenly, the inexpensive discount store brand furniture looks, well, inexpensive. You begin to visit nice furniture stores, only to discover that a wooden table, like the kind grandmother had, is pricey!

Ah, but then, the lightbulb goes off. Secondhand furniture will fit the bill just right. Over the years, I have been the happy customer of many secondhand shops and individuals. The table pictured came from an antique store 16 years ago. For the table and four chairs, we paid $250. (Boy, that was a lot of money to us!) Here it still sits, given a place of honor in our kitchen. I would say that it was a very good investment!

In taking care of the lovely wooden surface, I’m reminded that I should share the techniques that help me keep our home. Today I’m using one simple ingredient to condition and refresh the wooden surface. Olive oil. Yes, the simple kitchen oil we use mainly for cooking. If I’m honest, mine is used mainly for frying chicken, yummm.

Today I’m taking a moment to clear the table, spread olive oil on it, and let it sit. In just a few minutes, I will buff the table to a shine, leaving the slightest film of oil on it. I will wait to put our normal decorations back until it has had a chance to absorb the last of the oil. Yes, it is that simple to take care of the wooden surfaces in your home!

You can get fancy and make up a spray bottle of olive oil and essential oils like lemon, but I didn’t have a spare spray bottle today. The simple method works just as well! Consider buffing with an old tee shirt or towel, something soft and absorbent, but that you don’t mind getting oily.

Hope you enjoyed this homemaking tip! Are you cleaning anything special these days, or getting ready for school to start?

The Quilting “To Do” List

A “to do” list can be a blessing for those of us who have plenty to remember, and not quite enough brain space for every item! Often it stands to remind me that I am human and fail at my own attempts to check off everything. Mostly I love having full days! Other than strength from the Lord, the item that helps me get the most done is my “to do” list.

I used to make “to do” lists for quilting. But, it kind of took all the fun out of sewing!! Now, I’m a little loosey-goosey about sewing. I sew what I want, and generally try to have fun with it! Some days, I need a finish (YEAH for finishing!) Some days, I want hand work, a long term project. When I get the time to sew, I put it towards whatever I feel like working on. Because it’s a hobby. It’s suppose to be FU-UN!

What are you up to lately that is fun? Are you “winging it”, or do you have a “to do” list?

A New Iron

Over the weekend, my mid-grade, fancy iron started to smell of smoke. That’s not a good sign, so I put off sewing until I could find a suitable replacement.

I routinely (once a year or so) need a new iron. I’m not sure what it is about the method or frequency of use, but my irons have a short lifespan. I hope that will change, because I did the unthinkable. I bought the least expensive model I could find!!! 


This iron is the heaviest one I’ve used in 20 years. It’s called “The Classic”, and it was indeed, the least expensive one I could find. I’m actually a little excited to iron now, since it works so well. Hopefully I can use this iron more wisely? We’ll see about that one! =}

A Pink Maxi Skirt


This pink maxi skirt is a product of needing a little wardrobe lift.

It’s very simply made, an elastic waist, flat felled seams, and a bottom ruffle.

It’s an easy enough article of clothing to sew, in fact,

that it would make a perfect beginner sewing project.

My daughter is hoping I will make her one-

little does she know, I hope to get her involved! =}

Pinwheels and More Pinwheels

This quilt was finished a few months ago, intended for a pattern in my Etsy shop. I’ve since updated my computer, and most of my information was lost. (Well, there’s that!)



It was a super fun quilt to make, modifying an old pattern into new methods!

The pinwheels along the outside edge required some quilt math,

but it was overall quite a fun challenge!

Spring has Sprung

Happy Spring!

My poor lonely sewing machine! I haven’t sat down to sew in almost two weeks! As the weather gets warmer and just plain lovely outside, I’m struggling to sit down and do anything. I want to plant something. (For the record, I really stink at gardening. It’s a skill I would love to learn.) I want to work in the yard, and wander around it making plans. I want to clean every little thing in the house! As you do…

On an interesting side note, I’m taking money quite seriously these days. I’m learning how to manage it better as a function of being a good wife and homemaker. There have been plenty of money posts here on the blog, and I thought I would give you some good tips in the coming days for evaluating where you are monetarily.

We’ve also had a rash of family birthdays this month, along with Easter. Preparing for holidays always takes a few days each, and so my time has been spent making sure my loved ones know they are indeed loved! It’s been a good few weeks of making merry and enjoying life.

What are you up to these days? Have you been enjoying the spring weather?