Assembly Line Quilting

This holiday season, I’ve been commissioned to make seven total (six more) of this particular mini quilt. It will make an awesome set of gifts for my client, and I’m so, so excited to be making them! Here’s a progress picture, which shows that I have completed two tops already! With four more tops to go, I’m going to crank up the Christmas music and get to sewing!


Happy Holiday Sewing! =}

The “At-Home” Facial

I have a beauty routine that is short and sweet, no frills. My skin is super sensitive, so I stay miles away from heavily scented products. My skin is no respecter of labels, either, as both drug store and department store makeup will give me fits. Along the way, I’ve found a natural skin care routine that is the perfect trifecta-easy, inexpensive, and effective. About once a quarter I take about an hour’s down time and give myself an at home facial. As long as your children don’t mind a mud masked face, you can do this without hiring a sitter! Win!

  1. Exfoliate. Baking Soda is my go-to exfoliant. You may choose to use a simple face scrub, a salon quality rub, or a face puff. I like baking soda because it has no added chemicals and it whitens and brightens my facial skin. I don’t use this any other time than my facial, though, because it can dry the skin on the face too much when used alone.
  2. Steam. Once your face is clean and scrubbed of oils and dirt, steam your face over a pot of hot water. Heat up the water, adding in whatever herbs or essential oils work best on your face. Again, I keep mine scent-free. Once you take the pot off the stove, cover your head with a towel like a tent and let the steam work its magic on your face for 7-8 minutes. Be prepared (with tissues) to have this step clean out your sinuses, too! Kind of a double bonus! Dry your face, and you’re ready for the next step.
  3. Mask. I make a simple mask of a small amount of bentonite clay, honey, and milk. You could add other things, like essential oils and herb infused water, if it suits your skin type. There are other at home masks you can make with an egg base, if you don’t have bentonite clay on hand. I let this sit for 30 minutes, while sipping some water or herbal tea!
  4. Moisturize. Use your favorite moisturizer once you wash off the mask. I like a simple Grapeseed Oil, which of course is very nourishing and natural. Use what already works for your skin type, though!

I hope this simple breakdown of a “at home” facial encourages you to think about taking care of your skin in a stressful time of year! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have glowing skin for the holidays?

Happy Spa-ing!

Fall Cleanup

Do you clean spring and fall?


Right now, I need to do so, as the house is full of people who make messes, me included!

Inspired by having a general home binder, I made myself a cleaning binder recently. Among other useful things, it holds a cleaning checklist for each room, tucked in a page protector which makes them dry erase. My nerd heart just does backflips over a checklist that’s dry erase! =}


During the cleanup, I tend to assess my artwork, rearrange for the season, and take stock of the home and its needs. While homemaking, and especially cleaning, can be a daunting task, I find these checklists helpful to a somewhat ambiguous notion of a clean home. The list keeps me on track, as well as reminding me of things which need cleaning only occasionally and thus are easy to forget!


I hope this post explains a little of why there are very few quilting pictures lately. While I do get some sewing time in during the fall, it is often secret sewing, and I just can’t show ya! I’ll take a few pictures when I finish each gift, so I can post once the gifts are given. I hope you’re having a good fall, and that you’re gearing up for this lovely holiday season!

Happy Cleaning and Secret Sewing! =}

A Bit of Embroidery

By now, you probably know that I like a variety of different crafts.

I own a machine capable of embroidery,

although I rarely embroider.

Thinking I would try something new,

I embroidered the edge of

store-bought pillowcases today.


They came out lovely!

The monogram looks yellow in this light, but it’s white.

It was difficult to photograph well!

Now my mind is awhirl with

possible monograms and uses for my embroiderer!

Laundry Soap Recipe

Today we’re talking dirty laundry. My laundry powder recipe is not new to the web; you’ll find lots of great recipes “out there” for laundry powder and liquid. This recipe happens to be what works best for us.

Laundry Powder Graphic


Yes, it really is that easy!

You’ll notice I’ve repurposed a large glass container-it was what I had on hand. My jar also holds an adorable spoon for measuring! The recipe calls for baking soda, but you could use Washing Soda instead. I usually have trouble finding washing soda, thus my substitute. I’ve also found that no matter what soap I use, this recipe works. Laundry soaps are great, like Fels Naptha and Zote, but Dove and Irish Spring work, too. When I double the recipe, it will fill the jar, which lasts my family about six months, and costs about five bucks. I walk right past the laundry aisle in the grocery store! =}

*Note: I have an HE washer, and I have to put this in the tray, not directly in with the clothing. If I add a little essential or fragrance oil into the large container, it usually gives us plenty of scent.

Happy Laundering!