A Jelly Roll Rug

In an effort to grow my skill set, I've branched out a little into sewing things for my home and also for personal use, like the Sew Together Bag and a camera strap. Today, I'm showing you a pattern that seems to be popping up everywhere. There's good reason behind the popularity, too, as the … Continue reading A Jelly Roll Rug


Camera Strap

I had the notion to sew myself a camera strap this weekend. It's been on my "to buy" list for a while, and I thought, "I might could make that!" Have you ever thought that to yourself? Well, this time I was right. Several dollars worth of supplies later, and I made up my own … Continue reading Camera Strap

A Sew Together Bag

Strong intimidation...... That's what I felt when I looked at the lovely Sew Together Bag pattern by Sew Demented. I have been seeing them on Instagram, and oohing and ahhing over the lovely creative choices of colors and patterns. There are cute bags with fun prints on the outside. And there are intricately pieced bags. … Continue reading A Sew Together Bag