Declutter-One Space at a Time

Declutter. Organize. Simplify. Whatever you call it, this urge to live a little more simply hits us hard in January, does it? It's a new year, and as such, we aim for the fence. Nothing wrong with that, I promise. But, I'm giving myself some grace this decluttering "season". I've chosen one area that I … Continue reading Declutter-One Space at a Time

Donation Bin Drab to Fab

Donation Bins. They are the best friend and worst enemy of charity programs across the globe. What a treasure trove of cast off fabrics, a holding tank for possibilities! Only, they are heavy, clunky, and miserable to tote around. They require storage above and beyond the unfortunate quilter's own fabric stash! While heading a QOV … Continue reading Donation Bin Drab to Fab