A Master Menu

Finding a varied and nutritionally sound menu for dinners each week is often a struggle! My method for rotating dinner menus isn't a bad one, so I thought I'd share with you. I set up a master menu, a list to which I add new dishes as both I learn to cook them and the … Continue reading A Master Menu


Polyvore Clothing Mixing

Hi! I have clothing on the brain lately, so I wondered if any of my readers do, too! While perusing a modest clothing group, a sweet lady recommended this Youtube video on capsule wardrobes!  This video simply blew my mind! I took Colleen Hammond's Polyvore template, created a Polyvore account, and then mixed clothing that I … Continue reading Polyvore Clothing Mixing

Frugal Friday-A Thrifty Attitude

"A thrifty housewife is better than a great income. A good wife and health are a man’s best wealth." ~ Charles Spurgeon Imagine that? Charles Spurgeon placed great value on a thrifty housewife! Let's think of ways we can be that thrifty housewife and be a blessing to our husbands! It all starts with attitude. … Continue reading Frugal Friday-A Thrifty Attitude