Taming the Tongue

“Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.” Psalm 34:13


If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue,

but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain” (James 1:26).


That tongue, that little rutter for your whole life!

Scripture is pretty clear that your tongue can get you into a heap of trouble.

Mine did recently.

I snipped at my husband, embarrassed him and myself,

and certainly didn’t reflect well on my own testimony.

While I know that’s something that most people wouldn’t tell you,

I’m just keeping things real!

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that I need to tame my tongue.

In fact, I realized I probably should learn what the Bible has to say

about the tongue and my words.

James says is well when he writes,

“Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things.

Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!” James 3:5

Several of you all, my readers,

are my mentors when it comes to speaking kind and good words.

It’s certainly an area that could use more work in my life!

Have you messed up with your words lately?

I’d enjoy hearing about what you did to make it right in the comments!


More Zipper Pouches

After my initial success at making a zippered pouch,

I sort of got hooked!

Here are two more flat pouches for a friend,

pictured with my original bag.


Don’t you love the pink?

It’s definitely her color! =}

Sewing a Zipper Pouch

I made my first zippered pouch this week!


In this modern age, I used a Youtube tutorial,

The Zipper Pouch Tutorial!

You’ll notice I added some embroidery and decorative stitches.

It was an experiment!


I like how it turned out, very much,

and am already planning another!


Have you sewn a zipper pouch?

What do you put in it when it’s all sewn up?

A Swap Surprise

I’ve enjoyed the four swaps I was in these past few months.

While I probably won’t do another swap of this type anytime soon,

I want to encourage you, when you get the chance,

to participate in what you can.

I passed up the chance to be in plenty of other swaps.

These four just appealed to me, and I knew there would be time for them!

Getting a swap package out to your partner involves many things,

to include researching what the person likes, brainstorming, sewing, and gathering extra goodies.

When the package goes into the mail and makes it to your partner,

you’re so relieved and happy to do for someone else!

I sent a flying geese rainbow-y mini out earlier this week! What fun!


I always, without fail, forget that I will also get a package in the mail!!!

Today was my happy mail day for the Anna Maria Horner swap.

Here’s what I received. Isn’t it gorgeous?


I’ve been wanting a herringbone quilt for. ever.

This one is a stunner with the color choices and placement!

She also spoiled me with a small Moleskine and other goodies!

Again, these swaps have been a super huge blessing to me!

I’m involved in a couple of other things where I sew with and for others.

Are you sewing anything with other quilters?

A bee, swap, or traveling quilt?

Planners…..Who Knew?

I’m a Type A, listmaker sort of gal.


I went through a minimalist phase a few years ago,

and got rid of my home management notebook.

Silly me, I’d honestly thought I didn’t need lists and schedules,

that I could remember all those widgets without writing them down.



Earlier this year, I wanted a checklist while cleaning,

so that every task was either completed or at least acknowledged if it wasn’t necessary.

I resurrected my old style of planning, a simple home binder.

 Pinterest has some lovely pintables that match

and work for my needs.


In the past few weeks, I’ve begun learning about the planner trend,

and enjoying all the goodies out there for cute planning purposes.

For now, I intend to keep a simple binder style planner,

and see how it works for me.

Perhaps I’ll continue researching to see if something different might be useful,

maybe for next year’s purposes.


Also, if you’re looking for a school planner,

Etsy and Pinterest have wonderful printable things

that may help you plan your school year as well!

Do you use a planner? What kind and how do you like it?

Radio Silence and Summer Happenings

I’m so sorry for being relatively quiet the past month,

also referred to as “radio silence’ or ‘dead air’.

It’s been a busy month since school let out,

which is a good thing in many ways!

I thought I’d give you a window into what I’m currently doing,

because it is both interesting and fun!


First and foremost, I’m knee deep in school planning.

Planning for three different grade and preparing my college student is a challenge!

I’m swamped with scope and sequence charts, curriculum parts,

fun worksheets, games, youtube videos, and interesting reading material.

Is this a process you’d be interested in seeing here?


Second, I am keeping up with my monthly quilty commitments.

In my Modern Quilt Guild, we’re doing a project

where we add to someone else’s quilt top every month,

along their chosen theme.

It’s been a challenge to think of new things to do each month,

fitting into what’s there, and what the owner of the quilt wants!


Third on my to do list is the Farm Girl Quilt.

This has been fun to play at for a while, and I love how the tiny blocks are coming out.

I’m way behind the actual quilt along, but I’m ok with that!

So, what are you up to this summer?

Happy Independence Day!

I’m so thankful our forefathers saw the need to be revolutionary!

Sometimes, even in the best country on the planet,

we need to do things a little differently.

If you follow the crowd, you may not end up where you want to be!


Here’s to independence and freedom!

Happy Independence Day to you all!


Summer Things

imageLike most of you, I’m having a busy summer! It’s fun, playing in the pool and having outings with my homeschoolers!

We’re also preparing for a new school year, diligently. There are college entrance exams to be taken, scope and sequence charts to be created, and many, many hours worth of planning and gathering curriculum.

Amid all this fun stuff, I bought an Ultimate Bundle. This particular bundle is all on the theme of digital photography. I’m not sure my time will allow me to go through all the bundle anytime soon, but I’m looking forward to it! This bundle ends in a few hours, but be on the lookout for other Ultimate Bundles! They really are a great deal of information for a small price!

Happy Summer to you!

Not Sewing Much

There isn’t much sewing going on at my house lately. Between summer, starting college, and being super quiet so hubby can write, it just isn’t happening! I guess the biggest contributor to my lack of quilting lately is that my machine is still in the shop. One day soon, they will call and tell me it’s ready….but until then, I’m hand quilting, which is slow work!

The good news, however, is that I started a college degree. It will be plenty of work, but I’m looking forward to it! In a few years, I’ll be able to, well, I’ll have a degree. A few years after that, I’ll be able to date a quilt and preserve textiles, I hope! Wish me good luck!