Patriotic Quilting

This quilt was basted last week along with several others. I'm in "finishing" mode, and it happens to me every few months. I get the urge to finish all the things I'm working on so I can take on something new! It's a fun cycle, like life! Over the weekend, I found time to put … Continue reading Patriotic Quilting


Stuck at Basting

This quilt top, and two others are finally basted and quilted! They lack binding, but that's an easy step for me. I always get stuck at the basting phase! What about you? Do you have a quilting step that you would prefer to skip? How do you do that step?

A Halloween Quilt

Hi, Sweet readers! I have a quilt in my Etsy shop that is especially pertinent to this time of year! I'm having a super big sale on quilts right now, simply to make room for new things! This Halloween quilt happens to be seasonally appropriate and on sale!